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There are no current Open Calls. Recheck on the EEA and Norway Grants Webpage for any future Calls. (published 13/11/2017 15:14:54)

Good morning, the present to thank you, flattery aside, of the availability and rapidity shown in answering the questions. Yours sincerely, Pietro Boriotti ------------------------------------------ Buongiorno, la presente per ringraziarvi, senza piaggeria, della disponibilità e della celerità dimostrate nel rispondere ai quesiti. Cordiali saluti, Pietro Boriotti (submitted 08/08/2017 15:29:32)

Dear Mr Boriotti, thanks a lot for your support message. (published 08/08/2017 17:00:55)

I don't agree at all with the comments and opinion of Mr. Valchev. The EGREG platform is absolutely user friendly. It is even better and easy to work than other similar platforms. The Help Desk is responsive and we got real and effective support by Ecorys South East in Sofia, acting as a South Hub Information Unit. (submitted 07/08/2017 09:02:17)

Dear Mrs Papazova, thanks a lot for your support message. (published 08/08/2017 16:59:53)

Help Desk was great, they really helped us allot ! To bad we couln'nt upload our registration documents ! (submitted 30/07/2017 13:37:23)

Thanks a lot for your support note Mr Felix-Emanuel COSTACHE, the helpdesk and the entire FO Team simply applied equal treatment in supporting as much as possible any Applicant. Tks again the FO Team (published 31/07/2017 00:48:49)

The platform is very clumsy . Based on a primitive concept and poor understanding of the modern ICT. With a naive design. We hpe it is functioning at all ?! probably no one of the persons taken decisions about this platform is less than 40 y.o. We hope that not too much of the money of the European taxpayers have been spent. 80 000 Euro is the max (together with the infrastructure for this cloud service :) ) (submitted 24/07/2017 14:19:30)

Thank you Mr Dimitar Valchev for your comment!, this appreciation/claim tool is also on line in order to register any comment and use them as a lesson to be learned. We are terribly sorry to register that our EGREG platform did not appeal to your desiderata wishes, while informing you that over 750 entities are currently utilising and working with this tool therefore: it is perceived as functioning (and well in our opinion). With reference to the above and the system, we take the opportunity to confirm that you/the entity you belong to, is not registered in EGREG neither as a potential Applicant/Beneficiary Partner; hence I have some doubt about the ground of your allegations related to operational functionality of the system. While we welcome your opinion, about the available tool, please allow me to underline that the EEA AND NORWAY GRANTS FUND FOR YOUTH EMPLOYMENT is an initiative launched in the frame of the EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021 that represent funding from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway taxpayer money is to be avoided. Thanking you for your not requested offer of services, please be assured that it is NOT in the interest of the Fund Operator to waste taxpayer money, and that EGREG and its related long terms services have been at priori evaluated and screened. I remain at your disposal Mr Dimitar Valchev for any further clarification provided they are based on correct, proved and transparent ground, With best regards Gian Luca Bombarda CEO of JCP and FO Fund Director (published 25/07/2017 10:36:25)